Top talent: Digital marketing C-suite, media and product development


Founder: John Silcroft

Executive Vice-President & Chief Strategist at Centro

John Silcroft founded Centro out of the genuine belief that social media, user-generated content and user-generated feedback are the future of advertising. He also believes that the only path to a successful company – no matter what its size or budget – is through building an “authentic, resilient and powerful” brand, not a postcard-for-business-greeting email that is poorly targeted, poorly crafted and poorly targeted. He also believes in using big data to deliver targeted, relevant ads, which means he often is asked by C.E.O. Other C.E.O.s who are smart enough to understand the data behind the analytics that they want to produce. They are smart enough to also know that that the most effective version of this data is often shared around, and publicly available, so that C.E.O. Other C.E.O.s could help them achieve their goals by sharing the data with them in the open.

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