This airline flew a plane to Antarctica for the first time

Unicef released a video of a A340 aircraft touching down in Antarctica for the first time on Tuesday. This particular plane — spotted and captured in the southern highlands of New Zealand — is a passenger plane that does a service delivery mission to developing countries. The plane arrived in Antarctica with 30 tonnes of supplies and 4,500kg of water.

While there are no direct flights to Antarctica from any air hub in the world, passengers can easily explore and explore, thanks to the flights to Japan. New Zealand runs flights there using the Airbus A340.

Jono Haufe, who used to be a pilot and now directs the South Pole Climate Orbiter, explained that everyone getting ready to leave for the South Pole has complete control over the aircraft system.

“And that’s one of the biggest advantages for providing the air to air service, where the aircraft can do whatever you want,” he said.

According to Greenpeace, although 100% of South African food is generated domestically, private aircraft are responsible for 28% of global aviation CO2 emissions. (South African tourism contributes 10% of global CO2 emissions from the food industry.)

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