SEN. REID: ‘This is a Health Crisis We Need to Deal With’

Opioid pain killers are a crisis in America and result in significant criminal activity across the U.S.

An exhaustive study of state opioid laws conducted by the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) found that the people convicted of opioid trafficking in the top 20 states actually outnumber those convicted of trafficking heroin or cocaine.

The study goes on to conclude that pain pill dealers often purchase their pain pills from major drug companies that also employ representatives to help lure new patients into them. That practice leads to what’s been called “pill lobby” abuse by large drug companies.

The problem of how to treat medical pain is not isolated to America, with the European Union requiring health insurance plans to accept prescriptions that include opioids as a preventative measure. Health insurance companies in Canada are struggling with similar issues.

Medical-marijuana researcher Dr. Talula Goldman shared her opinion of the risks of a recreational marijuana legalization, in part, by saying, “You can’t cook a plant. It can’t harm you because you’re not using it to abuse it.”

Poll analyst Anthony Williams shared that the U.S. continues to lead the world in terms of drug overdose deaths, adding: “It’s largely a result of our criminal justice system and lack of effective pain management treatment programs.”

However, many experts are concerned about the implications of the opioid epidemic on the societal problems of addiction, people using drugs, and having open discussions about suicide.

There is overwhelming evidence that opioids can produce anxiety in those who start to use them – leading some to develop a compulsion to use them.

Three Canadian opioid experts recently conducted a clinical survey among 291 addicts, 60% of whom said that opioids had made them feel more anxious and self-conscious. The real issue, however, was finding effective treatments for those addicted to opioids. The experts’ conclusion? Take no matters lightly when dealing with a pain condition and watch for these signs and warning signs when it comes to addiction.

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