Report: Suspect in Leaked Email Hack Caught in Spam Wire?

Fox News correspondent Catherine Herridge reported on Wednesday that information contained in an alleged email from Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai could cast doubt on the validity of a criminal investigation being conducted by the FBI into the leaked email hack of the media website Reuters.

Herridge noted that hackers sent the email containing a link to a hacked publication where hundreds of thousands of emails were published. Those emails were sent by the swindled victims.

Watch Herridge’s report above.

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So far, however, the alleged email is apparently missing the strings that link the suspect to the crime. Herridge explained that the strings, which also contain identifiers that help connect the suspect to the hacking crime, were of great interest to investigators due to their unique nature.

In a brief interview, Herridge learned that a law enforcement source close to the investigation doubts that the spam-like email can have the provenance of the investigation.

Yet, the person who sent Herridge the email claimed the strings were authentic and have led to more leads for the FBI.

Herridge asked, “Is it possible that the entire email might be faked?”

She said all that was clear is that authorities are investigating the suspect and they are following up on other leads as well.

Watch Herridge’s report above and don’t miss Fox News Channel’s Special Report with Bret Baier on Tuesday at 6:00pm ET, when he reports on the NSA hack of Democratic National Committee emails.

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