Public sector protests continue in Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands Public Service Association says there has been no movement from the government on its pay demands

A popular protest against violent attacks by stone-throwing youths, teachers and public servants in Solomon Islands has continued for a third day.

Photo: Solomon Islands Public Service Association

Police and soldiers are in the streets of Honiara to restore order and escort staff back to work.

The public service union SolPASA sent a letter to all public servants saying its members would not come to work unless the government addresses their concerns.

Solomon Islands Public Service Association Chief executive Ruben Pulu told RT Online three or four police cars had been deployed to try and restore order.

“We are observing the streets. We are waiting for the government to come up with a solution,” he said.

It comes as there has been no movement on the union’s 21-point demands, which include an increase in their pay and allowances.

Photo: Screenshot

Thousands of Solomon Islanders demonstrated on Monday after a mob of men and youth hurled rocks and petrol bombs at staff at the police post in Tangalepula, the capital of Guadalcanal province.

Staff members were returning from a protest rally when the violence occurred.

Provincial education manager Joey Kango said public school pupils had already been forced to stay at home after rioters had closed down several schools.

“We are concerned for our teachers and students,” Mr Kango said.

“We have put in place measures to ensure that school is going to be on time.”

He said attendance would be monitored with management to ensure they received the minimum number of pupils.

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