Polar opposites face run-off Chile presidential election – G20

BOCAFO Thiago, Helmut Tschudi, Nicolas Munoz, Felipe Calderon

Polar opposites face a run-off vote in Chile on 25 November for the rightwing presidential nomination, with Helmut Tschudi hoping to win over the more centrist community.

The two candidates were running against one another when they initially emerged as the only two candidates in the race at the end of 2017 after Jair Bolsonaro withdrew from the race.

Helmut Tschudi is pro-Free Trade and pro-Business and is marketing himself as the candidate for the future.

At least 18 parties have participated in the nomination round but the now integrated and united Conservative Movement is largely to blame for the difficulties experienced by the candidates with their current agendas.

Nicolas Munoz has broadened his agenda from the agenda as it was in the initial race to pave a way to a future of Prosperity for all and to free Chile from its dependency on Brazil as the country’s main trading partner.

The Party Free Chile’s leader Felipe Calderon has presented himself as the candidate of development which, based on the fact he has been Chile’s education minister and has extensive experience in that portfolio, leads him to believe that if he wins the candidacy this was the right agenda to pursue.

A presidential run-off vote will be held on 25 November, with the runoff between the two candidates picking up the first votes, so currently 20% of the vote has to be decided on 25 October. If the two candidates continue to contest the election between then and 25 November, then they will eventually be forced to face a run-off vote.

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