N.F.L. Takes Two Racial Groups to Full-Season Games This Year


The Thanksgiving Day games of N.F.L. are always a big deal, but this year, they also stand as a high water mark for full-season equality: on CBS, two non-black players will have started their team’s turkey day game — though not always playing.

The interesting thing is that this year, two racial groups — in most of the other big-market sports, it’s the other way around — will be playing these games at the same time.

In Miami, the Miami Dolphins and the Buffalo Bills will play their first meeting since the Heat ousted the Bills in the NBA Finals in June. In Detroit, the Lions and the Atlanta Falcons will meet for the first time since Detroit hosted the Super Bowl this past January.

A third game, the Los Angeles Chargers’ visit to the Dallas Cowboys, which includes a visit by Antonio Gates, is being watched closely by many. And unlike the others, where the owners are the one organizing, the Chargers and Cowboys are co-hosting their game. The AFC West contest will be played at 4:25 p.m. eastern time.

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