Michigan congressman thinks technology can shed light on Jimmy Hoffa case

The case of Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa’s mysterious disappearance in 1975 has generated new life from Michigan Rep. Dave Camp, who has penned a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray, hoping that the agency can use modern technology and other evidence to determine whether his body is still on the Hoffa farm in Milford Township. The search had focused for decades on the 150-acre farm but, according to The Michigan Republican, new evidence possibly connects a sex-worker ring and that is “a serious factor in the disappearance of Hoffa.”

Members of the FBI and the U.S. Department of Justice have expressed concerns about Hoffa’s burial, and Wray told the congressman that this may be a key for solving the mystery. “According to federal records, Al Capone’s body is resting in a grave in Waukegan, Ill., with the proceeds from a racketeering case,” Camp said. “Jimmy Hoffa’s family property in Milford is still readily accessible, at which point it would be possible to dig up and respectfully bury him, or to seek to learn what happened to him.”

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