Lt. Col. Shaffer: My Argument Is Not The Money, It’s The Money Over The Life Or Death Of Millions Of People

Listen, I know cancer and I know what it feels like. Diagnosed in my 20s with cancer, where I’m one of the few who survived, I think every woman knows what it’s like to have breast cancer, how scary and depressing it can be.

In 2016, five years after being diagnosed with cancer, my daughter was born and I thought all the time about what it felt like to lose a child.

And now we know from multiple experts that this was true. It was a delayed event. This system is not supposed to happen. And that’s not that important here. That’s not what’s important at all.

What’s important is that our government went to trial and beat off the profit motive, put good regulations in place, had a strong case, really strong.

We have gotten cancer, too. There are politicians who are not in favor of this and they’re opposing it. They’re doing everything they can to stop it. We don’t want Congress talking about protecting our safety. We want them to spend money to fight disease.

We don’t want Congress to pick winners and losers. We want them to look at the evidence and protect the country.

I’ve been criticized for saying that five states have passed laws. Every single state signed on. There are serious harms for these drugs and serious harms for these patients.

What I want is the money spent going into the system to do research, right? That’s what we did for vaccines. We did everything we could to see if we could protect our kids against diseases.

We should be doing the same thing for these medicines. That’s what we need.

And so that’s where my argument is. It’s not so much the money.

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