Lisa Rinna: My mother had to go ‘because she is gone’

Lisa Rinna reflects on first Thanksgiving without her mother Lois during a time when holiday season doesn’t need to compete with grief. The reality star says that the goodbye was difficult but that she is “proud of her” for sharing what she has with her family.

“She gave birth to six of us and she created our motherhood,” said Rinna, 54. “I wanted my boys and daughters and sisters to have everything I did so that they could tell the truth when they see their mother. They saw the woman she was, all the hard parts. And they saw the woman she never will be again, because she is gone.”

Rinna, who briefly filmed scenes for Season 8 of “RHOBH” on location in Malibu this past October, said her only source of emotional support while filming was her partner, Harry Hamlin.

“It is rough. I cried a lot,” she said of shooting the season, which premieres Feb. 11 on Bravo. “We’re still kind of in shock. We thought Lois had a little rough time in the last few weeks of her life. She wasn’t sick. I couldn’t have been any happier for my mother. But she really felt like she had to go. And she just knew that it was the end, and she really wanted to be with me and her sisters.”

Rinna says her mother was “100 percent in love” with her sons, Harry Hamlin and Eric Bischoff.

“She loved me, and she loved Harry, and she loved Eric. I didn’t have much trouble coming to the conclusion that all the boys were hers,” she said. “If Lois passed, they would be mine. So I’m so grateful to my mother for giving birth to these seven. They are her children.”

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