Kookaburra suspended: C.D.C. abruptly suspends dog transport policy

Written by Niles Niemuth, CNN

One of the biggest dog travel controversies of all time has finally been put to rest — at least for now.

Earlier this month, C.D.C. Airlines announced the federal agency would allow some dogs and cats to travel in aircraft cargo holds next week. However, the department will be enacting a “regulatory suspension” through the end of the year.

Flight 1350 had taken off from Salt Lake City Airport to Los Angeles International on March 2 when the dog was caught in the luggage door.

But C.D.C. decided to take a different route. Passengers on another flight were forced to walk to the plane to catch the lift because it was too big for the cargo door, and the C.D.C. had to switch to an alternate one.

Meanwhile, members of the media and fans of the flying dog took to social media to denounce the policy.

Two weeks after Flight 1350 was grounded, the C.D.C. made an announcement.

“The agency has received comments on its proposed rule that it is suspending enforcement until April 30, 2020,” the agency said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the C.D.C. announced that only certain breeds would be allowed to travel in cargo — Rottweilers, bulldogs, Mastiffs, Boston Terriers, Pugs, Akitas, miniature poodles, Chihuahuas, pugs, goldendoodles, basset hounds, border collies, poodles, German shepherds, beagles, Bichons Frisé, labradoodles, cavalier King Charles spaniels, German shepherds, shih tzus, cocker spaniels, teacup Yorkies, poodles, golden retrievers, puggles, mastiffs, toy poodles, Scottish terriers, St. Bernard-shaggy dogs, miniature poodles, and shiba inus are all approved.

At this point it’s still unclear how The Kookaburra’s fight will end.

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