Kanye West says God has called Kim Kardashian back

Written by By Katelyn L. Chandler, CNN

It has been almost a year since Kanye West said on his Twitter account that he and wife Kim Kardashian would divorce if she did not leave him and the “misogynistic society.”

But at least two things have changed since then: He and Kim Kardashian have spent more time apart after temporarily reconciling following West’s hospitalization in November 2017 for mental health issues; and he’s revealed that their situation is not hopeless.

On his “SUNDAYTRIME” podcast with Charlamagne Tha God, West revealed that God has something up his sleeve that will bring Kardashian back to him.

“It’ll only be me that’s gonna get to her,” West said in the interview, released Friday. “I just hope I’m able to tell her that God told me to take her back…that God has called her back…to me, she’s like a daughter to me. I just don’t want to let her down when I have a voice.”

He continued, “The voice in my head is telling me that it’s time for us to meet back up…and I know there is somebody that will take care of her, but that’s not me.”

West also said that he still has “love for Kim.”

“‘Cause it’s that ‘I love you,’ no matter how far away you are.”

But the 38-year-old rapper did tell God that he “f***ed it up” by leaving Kardashian at the end of 2017 when he faced his near-mental breakdown.

“I f***ed it up, bro,” he said. “I called God like, ‘Damn bro…I think I messed it up.'”

“That’s a sign, bro…It’s a sign that I should’ve just stayed my s***,” he added.

West explained that he and Kardashian, who married in 2014, are closer now than ever since West spent his time at the hip-hop artist’s house in Wyoming working on music.

The couple have three children: North, 5, Saint, 2, and Chicago, 3 months.

“That album [‘Ye’], that was my soul, bro,” West said of his latest album. “You know what I’m saying? That album has my soul, bro. I put my soul on that (album). It’s the type of music that God put on it.”

‘Kanye West is not drunk!’

When asked by Charlamagne if he was drinking during the interview, West laughed, said, “Really? Whoa, whoa, whoa.”

He then continued, “But no, as someone who grew up with addiction and who had to fight addiction for the last 25 years of my life, I know there are those times when my mind could get a little fuzzy.”

West added that “drinking doesn’t make your mind go fuzzy. It actually relaxes your mind.”

Charlamagne then asked West, “Are you…drinking?”

‘I don’t f**king care’: Kanye compares himself to Beatle, Trump

“Oh, I drink on Sundays,” West joked. “Last Sunday was my first Sunday in almost two years that I didn’t drink. So, I drink Sunday to relax and then Monday I do the elliptical and Tuesday it’s yoga and Wednesday I talk to Yeezy and Thursday I talk to Yeezy and everything is alright. Then Friday I drink. Sometimes I drink beer… I don’t have to drink every single day… I’m just relieved to be able to just have drinks now.”

CNN has reached out to Kim Kardashian and West’s representatives for comment.

West also told Charlamagne that he and Kardashian have been actively trying to conceive a fourth child, but have had trouble.

“So, every day we get updates, so we send in the sperm,” he said. “It’s crazy to us.”

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