‘Horrible, insane’ cartoon strip gives these icons a bad name

(CNN) — If you could pick just one image to sum up how the other half lives … would it be this?

Dead parrot. Folding chair. Torso. Net.

It’s a screenshot of the Independent’s latest cartoon , a theme developed in tandem with women and children whose suffering was the subject of a series of cartoon strip installments last year . The animated re-creation — produced in collaboration with the artist Panorama and BAFTA-winning writer Mary Wakefield — takes an earnest look at the illogical world that does us such reputational damage.

This article was originally published by The Independent, a division of the Johnston Press, and is reproduced here with permission.

In the grim, dystopian future that appears in the cartoon strip, one unfortunate boffin is unceremoniously despoiled when his brains fall into a net and flop across the floor.

A few looks later, he’s stabbed with a dagger.

And this horrendous design is perfectly at home in the liberal, progressive — even ‘human rights’-leaning — world of the Independent.

It fits right in alongside Dear Leader Donald Trump’s ‘Fake News Awards,’ but appears so much further away from the real world.

It’s anti-establishment chic, too, perhaps a way of celebrating the distance we’ve moved since the tired old ideologies of Robert Mugabe and John Garang .

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