Here’s Why Kevin Spacey Was Ordered to Pay $31 Million to ‘House of Cards’ Studio

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Kevin Spacey was ordered to pay $31 million to the “House of Cards” studio after a jury found that he used millions of dollars from the show in false advertising on the lines of “excellent” and “dramatic.”

In the lawsuit, Media Rights Capital says that Spacey exploited the reputation of the show to trick viewers into believing that the performances of Robin Wright and Kate Mara, who play Spacey’s wife and rival politician respectively, were undercutting his. Instead, he sought to financially capitalize on the show’s success by putting his name to a menu of supporting roles on all platforms of production that were really just “uncredited cameo appearances.”

As part of the “House of Cards” package, MRC asserts, was a clause that guaranteed only one performance per show, regardless of the time spent working on the project. Media Rights Capital says that Spacey deceived viewers into thinking two actors were performing at once, artificially inflating his fee for the series from $1 million to $1.5 million per episode.

The two actors were paid $280,000 to appear in season 2’s first episode, and when the second show ran, Spacey claimed a $51,000 per episode salary. He later sought $9.3 million in damages, but the jury awarded MRC $9.2 million.

Castmates of Kevin Spacey have suspended all promotional activities for the upcoming season in the wake of a verdict to find the actor guilty of false advertising. ASSOCIATED PRESS

Since its inception in 2013, “House of Cards” has seen Netflix name and name-check it on a monthly basis, attempting to come up with ways to hype it in the guise of thanking its viewers each month. The expansion of the original series to Netflix International shows such as “Hemlock Grove” and “Longmire” has meant that the experience of watching the show has really become one of television fandom, not television.

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