Five chic holiday shopping tips

In summer, the perfect accessory for a sidewalk gathering can be anything from a cute straw bag to a furry soccer ball.

But when the holidays roll around and holiday shoppers are looking for the perfect gifts, these whimsical must-haves are ripe for the picking.

Blur the line between cotton and cotton-polyester

That’s what put this woven hat over its head. The hat is actually made from cotton cotton-polyester blend, which allows for the wool yarn to be used as filler, and better yet, since it’s flexible, the woven cotton will adjust to weather conditions.

More affordable than a chunky knit

Think crochet has become fashionable? It’s not the only option. And many less expensive designs use mohair, which is lightweight, breathable and flexible.This studded knit has some extra value thanks to the mohair filament.

A touch of alligator

Sure, it’s in the ocean where the alligator resides, but when the fur outerwear is exposed to the elements, it becomes a delicate marine life of its own.

Ooh la la … the silk one

While silk is not the most durable material, this faux-emerald quality can be easily washed out or, better yet, stored in a slim, airtight bag (to avoid ripping during shipping).

A bit of technology

Tech: It’s hard not to have at least one of your friends or family members glued to their devices this time of year, especially when its all about the holidays. These phone cases are sturdy, stylish and completely customizable!

… and some fur!

Being a flannel lover, I’m sure that I’m not the only one who just can’t get enough of this quirky but adorable design!

A perky holiday accessory

Shirt? Check. Beads? Check. Ballerina shoes? Check. I am so #🔥! (Scroll down for more styles, prices and sizes.) Happy holiday shopping!

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