‘Euphoria’ trailer: The second season of Netflix’s Latin anthology series

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“Euphoria,” Netflix’s second anthology series by hot Latino director Alex de la Iglesia (2006’s “El mar,” 2013’s “Home”), debuts next week on the streaming service.

The first-ever Spanish-language anthology, Euphoria picks up three years after its predecessor, and explores the sudden shift of the world we know with special attention to gender dynamics, sexual politics and the social pressures of relationships. The show features key elements of de la Iglesia’s storytelling with enhanced visual effects, and features stars who have appeared in his past projects including Amaury Nolasco, Lisa Carrera, Sonia Braga, and Juan Francisco Villalobos.

Deadline reported the show’s co-creator and writer Sofiya Tulin Bernice Vida, cited in tweets as the show’s executive producer, would be directing her first episode.

There is no word yet if de la Iglesia will be coming back to direct more episodes in future seasons.

The season two trailer, released this week, signals the arrival of a new romance involving a pair of synthetic puppies and a female friend. De la Iglesia directed and wrote the second episode.

Viewers who missed the first season will be able to catch up on Netflix June 28.

Season 2 of “Euphoria” will drop on Netflix June 28, 2019. Image Credit: Iman Ali

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