Copenhagen set to celebrate change to metro train station

Image copyright AFP Image caption The new Metro station opens in Denmark on 1 January 2019

The Copenhagen’s Metro subway system has more modern features and new trains than in years past, but the transit network appears to remain somewhat formulaic.

The very first central subway station in Denmark – Glostrup – has nevertheless operated since 1904.

Designed by Leon Karlsson Abnett and Rejsamster, it is now undergoing a major renovation that will see it transformed into a brand new, major station.

The new station, which officially opens in 2019, has not missed an opportunity to add to its famous image.

Image copyright Bloomberg Image caption Inspired by the ring around Copenhagen Cathedral, the new station will be constructed of glass

The new station will be constructed of glass. Its base will be a curving escalator that circles the station; the top will feature a large glass dome. To one side of the entrance, a square lawn will become the new station’s landmark, or at least an alternative one, say local residents.

Architect Niels Christiansen told Copenhagen’s Metro magazine: “There’s a real risk that if the public perceives a new circular train station as something else, the feelings they have about the previous stations will be reinforced.”

Image copyright AFP Image caption Residents might feel a bit jealous that they won’t have to ride a Circle Line train over to the metro

Image copyright AFP Image caption A glass dome will add a new touch to the traditional train station design

Architect Ola Boehland compared it to the rich colours and symmetry of Denmark’s upcoming national library on Kuldorf Strand – a project also hailed as a new pinnacle of Danish architectural.

“What they are doing is using something that’s not commonly seen in train stations in Europe, which is to use very controlled lighting and specially made machines,” said Boehland.

“I think it’s a little more worrying than using very open and material materials because there is always going to be another train station somewhere.

“The idea is not that you put something that you wouldn’t get excited about on the main [train] line, you build something that’s going to be interesting for the city and people’s imagination.”

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