Can smell like a lion? Toronto Zoo prepares to sell lavender cologne to members of the public

For those looking to smell like a lion, the Toronto Zoo will be ready with some lavender or baileys body spray for you — just not for the holidays. The zoo is preparing to sell the sneezing, watering can-shaped cologne so that members of the public can have their Zoo Luxe scent delivered to their home in December to relieve their autumn woes. Apparently, calling yourself a lion isn’t the only thing these guys sell to visitors — it’s fun to try it on, too.

According to staffers, the cologne was a hit during the zoo’s annual scent-led “Woman’s Parkour” costume walk — complete with handprints — that debuted Thursday. The “totally private, aspirational name for it was also created by visitors — and it really popped,” told National Post. The lavender called “flowing” was instantly recognizable from other petites perfs, but it was the name, otherwise known as African Bush Juice, that sent fans into a mania.

The organizers loved it, too, and have added it to this year’s regularly scheduled Hallowe’en costume run at the zoo, which will feature full hair, makeup and costume-making stations for members of the public. “It’s been a huge hit over the past few months. And part of that is because it’s new,” Becky Dickerson, who runs the Halloween costume booth, told The Globe and Mail. The packaging for the cologne, however, was scantly inspired by the animal’s most associated scent, Scent Samba, a perfume reportedly named after the traditionally Carnival-time scent used by favela mothers to mark the moon’s return to the land of the living each new moon. Scent Samba’s promotional materials even suggest that sallies could be made during the odour-filled Carnival festivities.

Still, there’s likely one scent too strong for Dickerson’s usual spirits: “I think one of the scents would be hilarious. I’m not sure I could handle that, but we’ll have to see how it turns out.”

Watch the Animal Kingdom Zoo Luxe marketing video here:

Read the full story at Yahoo News.


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