BIG TALK: New England Housing Crisis, And Your Wages Falling Faster In Massachusetts Than Anyplace Else

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It’s January of next year, and Boston is in the grips of a new recession, one with roots dating back a decade. What’s the cause? As Meredith Hsu asks on UPFRONT with Mike Barnicle, we hear from people who do not have the job growth to provide a generous paycheck for themselves and their families.

In Boston, jobs are just not available. Women of color are often paid 30 percent less than their white counterparts, and there’s no growth in the white male’s share of the workforce. At the same time, you have soaring rents, and weak wage growth. Jennifer Petrak explains to Mike.

With household bills soaring and consumers already stretched, many in New England are now gearing up for a brutal winter season. As Peter Gray of Commonwealth Fund explains, winter brings a crushing blow to the economy.

Also on the program, Peter Wolfgang of the Boston Globe reveals how Boston is holding strong as a model city for healthcare innovation. He heads up the PBS series, “The Massachusetts Next Economy.”

Stay with Fox News Radio as we report on the impact of inflation in New England.

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